Cover Prince Albert signed Crypto Gala

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Cover Prince Albert signed Crypto Gala
Forbes Monaco


This NFT includes the digital copy of the cover of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco of FORBES MONACO magazine number 10 of September / October 2020 printed in the format (118 x 174 cm) and signed.

A printed version of this NFT was sold for € 12,000 at the first Forbes Monaco Art & Crypto Gala on November 13, 2021.

About Prince Albert: Prince Albert has been expanding the country’s greatness over the 16 years since his accession, leading the 720-year-old dynasty into the digital age. The world’s most expensive location for buying or renting residential property was the first country to roll out 5G technology and the Sovereign cloud. Under Prince Albert, two massive eco-friendly building projects are under works: a new modern hospital to meet the highest standards of care requirements for the population and its surroundings of approximately 125,000 people and the $2.3 billion land extension that will house 1,000 in lavish apartments and villas, due to be complete in 2025. “In our approach, let us be innovative, let us imagine buildings that are more energy-efficient, more eco-responsible, that is the direction I want my country to go,” he told Forbes Monaco in an exclusive interview in 2020. His Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation founded in 2006 is dedicated to the protection of the environment by supporting projects around the world and focusing on three main challenges: fighting against climate change and promoting renewable energy; combating the loss of biodiversity; and preserving water resources in the Mediterranean Basin, the Polar Regions and the Least Developed Countries. Over the years, the prestigious Foundation has given millions of dollars to various projects, including a pledge in January to donate over $10 million together with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to the Global Fund for Corals.

About Forbes Monaco: Since its launch in 2018, Forbes Monaco has promoted a culture of diversity, inclusion and equality in the heart of a unique community of entrepreneurs and philanthropists while maintaining the authoritative voice of journalism that has built the reputation of Forbes Media. As the Principality’s leading business media brand in English, Forbes Monaco has a strong commitment to sustainability and responsibility to ensure our content and experiences reflect the discreet audience we serve. As part of the Forbes family, Forbes Monaco’s editorial efforts, product, revenue and corporate teams are committed to making this world a better place for all.

This NFT is composed of:

  • the digital copy of the cover signed in High Definition (POSTER_1185x1740_Forbes_cover_signed-10-08-09-2020.jpg)
  • the certificate of authenticity of this cover signed (Certificat Cover Forbes S.A.S. Prince Albert signed.pdf)
  • the title deed of this printed, signed and framed cover (Titre de propriete Cover Forbes S.A.S. Prince Albert signed.pdf)


Ce NFT comprend la copie numérique de la couverture S.A.S. Prince Albert II de Monaco du magazine FORBES MONACO numéro 10 de Septembre / Octobre 2020 imprimée au format (118 x 174 cm), signée et encadrée.

Une version imprimée de ce NFT a été vendue 12 000 € lors du premier Gala Forbes Monaco Art & Crypto le 13 novembre 2021.

A propos de Forbes Monaco : Forbes Monaco fait partie de Forbes Média, un groupe de Média international qui s’intéresse à l’économie, l’investissement, la technologie, …

Ce NFT est composé :

  • de la copie numérique de la couverture en Haute Définition (POSTER_1185x1740_Forbes_cover_signed-10-08-09-2020.jpg)
  • du certificat d’authenticité de cette couverture imprimée, signée et encadrée (Certificat Cover Forbes S.A.S. Prince Albert signed.pdf)
  • du titre de propriété de cette couverture imprimée, signée et encadrée (Titre de propriete Cover Forbes S.A.S. Prince Albert signed.pdf)

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