Cover Bernard Arnault

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Cover Bernard Arnault
Forbes Monaco


This NFT includes the digital proof and a digital copy of the Forbes Monaco cover featuring Bernard Arnault published in December 2019.

About Bernard Arnault: Bernard Arnault and his family are worth an estimated $185 billion. The CEO of the world’s largest luxury goods company Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, more commonly known as LVMH, oversees an empire of 70 brands including and Sephora. LMVH has an innovative and ambitious corporate philanthropy policy in support of the arts and culture, as well as medical, scientific and humanitarian causes. In 2019, LMVH signed an agreement with the Fondation Notre Dame to donate of €200 million towards the restoration of the Paris cathedral, which was partially destroyed by fire that year, and donated $11 million to help fight wildfires that were ravaging the Amazon rainforest.

About Forbes Monaco: Since its launch in 2018, Forbes Monaco has promoted a culture of diversity, inclusion and equality in the heart of a unique community of entrepreneurs and philanthropists while maintaining the authoritative voice of journalism that has built the reputation of Forbes Media. As the Principality’s leading business media brand in English, Forbes Monaco has a strong commitment to sustainability and responsibility to ensure our content and experiences reflect the discreet audience we serve. As part of the Forbes family, Forbes Monaco’s editorial efforts, product, revenue and corporate teams are committed to making this world a better place for all.

This NFT is composed of:

  • the digital proof used to print the magazine (ARNAULT Bernard- 7_12-11-2019.pdf)
  • the digital copy of the cover in High Definition (AFFICHE_1185x1740_Forbes_couverture 7_17-12-2019.jpg)
  • the certificate of authenticity of this digital proof (Certificat Bernard Arnault.pdf)

Ce NFT comprend l’épreuve numérique et une copie numérique de la couverture Forbes Monaco avec Bernard Arnault parue en décembre 2019.

A propos de Forbes Monaco : Forbes Monaco fait partie de Forbes Média, un groupe de Média international qui s’intéresse à l’économie, l’investissement, la technologie, …

Ce NFT est composé :

  • de l’épreuve numérique utilisée pour imprimer le magazine (ARNAULT Bernard- 7_12-11-2019.pdf)
  • de la copie numérique de la couverture en Haute Définition (AFFICHE_1185x1740_Forbes_couverture 7_17-12-2019.jpg)
  • du certificat d’authenticité de cette épreuve numérique (Certificat Bernard Arnault.pdf)

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